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Roundtable - : Dr. Poornima Gupta - Associate Professor - Organizational Behaviour and Human Resource Management,
Millennials are showing up on the radar screens of businesses around the world. They have entered t ...... Read more »

Roundtable -

Roundtable - : Rachna Mukherjee - Chief HR , Schneider Electric India
Gen-Y has grown up with parents who were working hard to make ends meet. This has given them an appr ...... Read more »

Roundtable -

Roundtable - : Ajay Nair - CAO, Housing.com
The millennials are a dynamic and ambitious breed of workforce who are constantly rewriting the rule ...... Read more »

Roundtable -

Roundtable - : Rohit Aggarwal - CEO, Koenig Solutions
Yes, they can. They think differently, behave differently, but if understood properly, they can be e ...... Read more »

Gen-Y one-click force!

Gen-Y one-click force! : Dr. Deepak Malhotra - VP-Human Resources,Shristi Infrastructure Development Ltd.,(A SREI Grp Compan
While Gen-Y is considered to be fickle and demanding, they truly approach work differently. If right ...... Read more »

Are we giving them  the right fuel?

Are we giving them the right fuel? : Hemang Desai - Business Coach, Consultant & Advisor
Great things are built by people who thought they are not content with the way things were and then ...... Read more »

Do we  know, understand & perceive them rightly?

Do we know, understand & perceive them rightly? : KBM Swamy - HR Professional, Heading Group HR Strategy at Mumbai
As long as Organizations, CEOs and HR community are open to unlearn, learn and experiment new proces ...... Read more »

Gen-Y is out in clouds!

Gen-Y is out in clouds! : Smita Dash Sahoo - HR Professional & Mentor, Bangalore, Certified CEO Coach (CFI, Chennai)
Only those organisations who have nurtured the Culture of Respect and Care have been able to manage ...... Read more »

Millenials’ traits

Millenials’ traits : Tripti Lochan - CEO, VML
While there is a lot of written and much research being conducted about Millenials, they remain a fa ...... Read more »

Bringing in the shift

Bringing in the shift : Surbhi Dewan - Vice President - HR, Delhivery, Gurgaon
Organizations tend to expect individuals to fit into the existing job, role and culture rather than ...... Read more »


How to make an effective employee-Dr. C. N. Daftuar

An effective employee gets exciting projects, wins important clients, and is well respected by colleagues, bosses and management. An effective employee becomes indispensible for the organization s/he serves. The revers can happen with an ineffective employee. So let's see how we can turnaround an ineffective employee.Read more »
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