Cover Story - Shades of Leadership

The four shades of leadership

Honesty, integrity, and values are critical foundations for leadership. Those who lack these cannot be leaders and even if they do by chance it becomes short term. Unethical and over selfish behavior with greed gets noticed and such people are sure to lose their leadership status. Read More..


The Intuitive Leader

I felt that the data were forcing me to conclude the now (my) famous but controversial stand that there is "no personality type' as a theory and any classification such as Extraversion or Introversion were misnomers as all managers and leaders carried both types in varying degrees. Read More..

Leadership for a great civilization

It is important for leaders to stress on being humane and innovation-oriented, besides having a strong work ethic, to perform beyond expectations. When a leader stresses on all three - creativity, humaneness, and a strong performance orientation - then wonders happen. Read More..


The myriad shades of leadership

In this current global business scenario, the need of leadership is to envision the uncertain and volatile market of tomorrow and create the need to educate, train and retrain the future leaders with sense of sensitivity towards cultures and societies. Read More..


Moving from 'doing' to 'getting it done'

Dynamic and unpredictable situations call for leaders to demonstrate adaptability in their own leadership style. Leaders who are able to mould their leadership style to the demands of the given time surely help the organization sail through tough times and gain momentum once again. Read More..


Building an intrapreneurial culture!

Organizations are finding it harder and harder to survive by merely competing. They are, therefore, increasingly looking towards their intrapreneurs to take them beyond competition to create new businesses in new markets by providing them with a platform to hone their entrepreneurial skills. Read More..


Staying human in a tech driven world

In this increasingly technology driven world, there is a widening gap emerging between the embrace of IT on one hand and the necessity to generate trust, empathy, and rapport in business on the other. This has led to a growing dilemma for business leaders worldwide as they strive for a healthy balance between tech and humanism. Read More..


Leadership Challenges in a Virtual World

Organizations are microcausm of the world or the society that we live in. They represent the same issues and challenges that the world outside has. It is therefore a very complex agenda for leaders today to drive large people agenda by not being there physically around. Read More..


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Watching for Talent Trends

Today, some organizations may boast of low attrition, but can they be proud of their talent quality? Or some may periodically release their large number of hires. Ask their customers and you will hear horror stories of performance of their staff on the job. Quantity is NOT quality. Read More..