Cover Story - Changing Face of Hiring

Trends in Hiring

The entry of millennials in Workplace with their changing needs and aspirations have added to the complexity of organization character. One often wonders if the HR practices in general and talent acquisition practices in particular, have kept pace with the ever evolving needs. Read More..


Adding new dimensions to talent acquisition

The work ethos and practices are changing too. The focus on agility,speed and innovation has gone up. The businesses are being conducted in project or module based manners. As a result of this, the skill requirements and competence have changed drastically. Read More..


Tracking new challenges in hiring!

Technology has facilitated the process in certain ways. The data banks are much better organized and screening processes have been fairly automated. At the same time, the HR personnel need to be more intelligent; because the evergreen GIGO (Garbage In, Garbage Out) principle has become yet more important than ever. Read More..


Talent-Technology Combination

Talent-Technology combination shall be worshipped on hiring landscape as Ganesha. Technology eyes micro-spaced, prismic and focused, large volume-docketed, vibrant, multi-model synopsis, flexible, admissible and available to all for their well-being. Read More..


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