Infighting for supremacy!

Infighting for supremacy!

Progressive group of institutions is in educational business. Owned by an industrialist who was earlier in to manufacturing of edible oils, built the colleges offering education in management, engineering and law. Spreading in to several acres of land each institute has its own excellent building and infrastructure with separate hostels for boys, girls and faculties. All courses conducted by the group institutes are fully recognised and accredited with the state university.

The family-owned educational group functions are controlled and managed by the chairman, his wife and son- in-law. Each institute has its director who is responsible for taking care of routine administrative and educational activities including admissions and placements. The management institute has one Karan Prakash as Vice President – Corporate Relations whose core responsibility is to ensure that all pass out management students are well placed. Karan was previously associated with a large industrial house and VP-HR having around 25 years of...

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