Author - Anil Kaushik

A Management thinker, Educator, Motivator, Guest Speaker of Management Institutes, Consultant, author of labour law books and President of Indian HR Forum, with about three decades of deep rooted understanding, Floor experience and research in HRM Area and Training has led many organizations to a path of productivity, performance and profits with business linked HR strategies.

Hire for Skills

In unprecedented times of business where complexitly and ambiguity are the order of the day, talent management and keeping people glued with the organisation is the biggest challenge for HR and business leaders. The process starts from hiring. Time is changed so the quiet transition in hiring is...

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Look before you leap!

With job losses of nearly one lakh in last quarter of 2022 and first three months of 2023 in major tech giants globally, it is enough to scare and create a turmoil for HR Function. It is unpleasant, depressing and demoralizing for working people at large, spreading insecurity and creating a...

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Shift to real time process

The HR veterans of the country, in this this edition cover story, put forth interesting insights about the necessity of reworking on performance management system and rewards along with steps to address challenges and metrics those need to be taken care of while modifying the process.

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Steer the ship

Probably the most talked about subject among HR fraternity of not only the country but globally, has been about the future of HR function. When it was said that there will be no HR as a function in organisations few years back, it was also hoped that HR will emerge more stronger in future. Every...

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The causes of workplace frustration and ways to overcome is discussed at length by the experts of the subject in this edition cover story on workplace frustration, which certainly will provide useful insights to both leaders and employees.

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Manage with difference!

After every 15-20 years, generation changes. New generation enters the workforce. Each generation brings certain strengths and weaknesses. Probably, this should be the first time where in many organisations all the four generations might be working together. This generation has passed through the...

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Not just a gender balance!

This edition cover story is an attempt to understand the diversity, equity and inclusion in its entirety, practical problems and impediments organisations face in building such work culture and how to move forward through the experiences of the experts sitting at the helm of affairs.

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Bosses! Are you listening?

New Gen HR professionals dislike hypocrisy, suffocating environment, high headed bosses, negative politics, bullying and back biting in the organisations. They want to be heard honestly and get an opportunity to contribute in the growth of business.

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June 2023

People Movement

Case Analysis

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