Shipping / Refund Policy

There may be products and services on Business manager site, including subscription of the Business manager magazine and purchase of books/products that have cost of the product or fee associated with that particular service/product in respect of that particular item.

It is a term of acceptance by the user that existing /new subscribers, and customers/individuals who buy or pay for magazine/ books/services/programs/ events/ showcased at site are fully aware of what they are buying and that they have read and understood all details/ descriptions/ contents of the magazine/ book/s program/ service/ event etc before making their decision of purchase.

The shipping of the magazine issues/parts and book/s are done as per details provided with each product. In case of receipt of damaged or defective issue/part or magazine or book can be returned back with original packing and a free replacement of that particular part/ issue will be made provided that it is done within the same month of purchase. In case of non receipt of the magazine issue or book or any product, purchaser is required to inform about the same within a week time of dispatch of order through email at Info@ and immediately through documented message.

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