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 Well, a small group of Ola and Uber drivers would come to me and narrate their problems. But I said that I have to understand the problems first, then I could lead them to find a solution. After my work at the Government Department, I started working as a driver for Ola and Uber.

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People Movement

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Strategic Partner

This anniversary issue that reminds us of our big journey entering in to its 27th year of publication is all about documenting the transformation and reshaping of the Learning & Development function. The veterans, industry experts, and HR professionals have provided 360-degree insights into the...

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Not Just Nice-to Have!

Workplace culture and its importance has been defined in many words and forms. It is said that culture is the glue that keeps your talent intact. Culture is the driving force of business growth. Culture is the oil that keeps the organisation running smoothly and so on… The crux of the matter...

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