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September 2023

Artificial Intelligence & Human Resources - Sept. 2023

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Direction over speed

At times in business, speed can become our focus; pressure to produce results rapidly may seem intense, but remembering “direction is more important than speed” should always remain top of mind. It equally applies to organisations. Organizational strategy: Organizations are required to...

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How Coaching can develop leaders

Leadership serves as the bedrock of any organization. However, numerous organizations face challenges in cultivating effective leaders, spanning from first-time managers to senior executives. Unfortunately, many organizations still employ a generic approach to leadership development, employing a...

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Unleash the Employee Potential!

Originating from Late Latin potentialis, meaning “power” Potential generally refers to a currently unrealized ability. Since time immemorial, the concept of ‘human potential’ has fascinated both practitioners and leaders alike. Though it is believed that it is the potential that sets the upper...

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FROM THE Editor'S Desk

Rewiring With Tech Tools

No doubt that HR function has undergone a huge transformation in past decades and has been able to meet with changing requirements of business without ignoring or leaving aside the basic tenets. Technology has also impacted the function. Use of Artificial Intelligence powered software in people...

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Act with intent!

Recent two incidents (videos) of a bank manager and another of a finance company manager making rounds in social media shouting, abusing, intimidating and insulting their subordinates in meeting should be enough to break the myth that bullying in modern workplaces where culture of employee first is...

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