Cover Story - HR 2.0: Rethinking Changing Work World

Embrace new knowledge and skills

Business leaders have understood beyond doubts that it is not Techno-Fit but Culturo-Fit people who can achieve business results. Information is just one-click away today and therefore; it is not information but drive to click is becoming more important. Read More..


Get out of the shell and move beyond

Business becomes more competitive every year and as it is a highly globalized business environment today where business conditions, product improvements and customer demands change ever so rapidly and the revolution in information technology over the past decades have made it crucial for businesses. Read More..


HR must be a field player

It is essential for HR leaders to see that all HR program must be aligned to business strategy and earn confidence of business leaders and prove that they are capable and competent to meet any business challenges. HR must play significant role in digital presence. Read More..


Important Labour Judgments 2017