Cover Story - Workplace Stress and Burnout

Elevating the humanity quotient of HR in a world less loved

Human Resource needs to rethink its bell curves, talent pools, career progressions & succession plans. Much like Arjun who saw nothing but only the birds eye, the Humanity Quotient can be a point of focus. Much can be tapped & seeped into from the mythological knowledge banks with an advantage of being a part of one of the worlds oldest civilization. Read More..


Key to productivity is stress free employees

The common reasons of stress were mainly as Indecisiveness, poor commitment, lack of mutual trust, poor planning at works, insufficient engagement at every level, unfairness, value conflicts, group dynamics, poor salary structure, and absence of communication and low opportunities for personal growth etc. All these reflected in plant performance. Read More..


Allow employees to choose the challenge

3 Cs curiosity, capability and consistency play a critical role in allowing the HR to ascertain the work space needed and how to prevent burnout. One of the many ways to reduce the stress is to allow the employee to choose the challenges and then enable them with necessary tools to accomplish the tasks. Read More..


Busting the workplace stress

There are easily identifiable early warning indicators of stress that can help us identify the problem at an early stage and mitigate the negative effects of stress. Psychological indicators may be subtle but their early identification can go a long way in indentifying and coping with stress at the workplace. Read More..


Diffuse, before it blasts you!

It is witnessed many times that guidance is given to manage stress by controlling mind with Switch on and Switch off attitude. Such mind control possibilities are rare though. In reality job based stress doesnot disappear when someone heads for home post office work. Read More..


Stress burst yourself

Everyone who has ever held a job has, at some point, felt the pressure of work-related stress. Any job can have stressful elements, even if you love what you do. So its important to acknowledge and address it. Read More..


Making workplace stress free!

As HR professional, we must set our approach to exploring existing risks. We must ask employees directly about their work problems and whether or not they feel their health may be adversely affected by their work. You could ask employees to describe the three best and the three worst aspects of their job and to say whether they thought any of those aspects of work, place them under too much pressure. Read More..


Article of the March 2017

Special Article

2017 Disruptions-New Labor Ethic

KPMG Human Capital Practice Report seeks to focus on the need for HR strategists to tailor their strategies to reflect their own organized labor circumstance, that HR strategy should not neglect organized labor, even in jurisdictions where it is not an immediate risk and how HR strategy should... Read More..


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