May 2024

Managing Talent - May 2024

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Unveiling Toxic Appraisal Practices

Performance appraisal, a cornerstone of organizational management, serves as a mechanism for evaluating employee performance, setting goals, and determining rewards.  However, when conducted poorly, appraisal processes can raise toxicity within the workplace, undermining morale, engagement, and...

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FROM THE Editor'S Desk

Holistic development, not mere ratings

The future of work is not very certain. However, it is believed that the future workforce will be more fluid i.e. contractual and gig. This will catalyse the importance of bringing changes in performance management process. Traditional methods such as annual reviews and goal setting may no longer...

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Beware of Slip

When we talk of leadership in business organizations, society, or the nation at large, it brings hope of some positivity that is capable of bringing qualitative change in organizations or people at large. Leadership has many faces and so the consequences. Be it business, political, spiritual, or...

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