Cover Story - Women HR Leaders

Sound values, self-belief and head strong identity is my core!

An aspect, that influenced my ambitions, is the ongoing Quest for Gender Equality at workplace. We have covered some distance in terms of equal opportunity culture. It will not be wrong to state that women, with their unique attributes and inherent strengths - Empathy, Emotional Quotient, Multi-Tasking & Ability to Nurture are breaking the glass ceiling and re-consolidating their positions. Read More..


Take up HR only if you are passionate about it!

If you want to be an HR professional, do not start thinking about it once you (inadvertently) get into such an MBA specialization; rather assess if this is something you are passionate about and work your way into a good educational institute where you would receive insights to make a professional out of you. Read More..


Mini pearls of wisdom…

Women have a tendency to neglect the Identity in favor of the multiple roles. We put all our energies into being a good mother, a good daughter, a good employee, etc., and then, we wonder why we feel so enervated at the end of the day. We do not realize that if we give time to fulfill the needs of the self, the identity, we will have the energy to service our multiple roles. Read More..


My teachable moments

Each peak is a moment to get ready for another peak - complacency has killed many careers that I have seen in my own journey. The compelling attraction to fall into a comfort zone and being seat happy has destroyed many good intelligent minds. Read More..


Fearless HR makes an Impact

Continue to make career choices with full passion. Passion makes you fearless, think of career as matrix, and move seamlessly across, this helps to move up the career ladder as it brings more rounded experience and puts in positive positions. Read More..


Need to co-exist and reach out to each other

I have witnessed women in leadership and a process lab around it. The results were mind-blowing. It was such a deep dive for each women sitting there. They were not talking about any glass ceilings, inequality, not at par pay etc. They were aghast at the results which nudged them to look at their need to aware of their own leadership styles & strengths. Read More..


Pick of the Month

Special Article

Quandaries of business ethics

Timely recognizing ethical issues and developing actions to deal with it is crucial. The nexus of unethical practices becomes stronger and deep rooted when not taken care at an early stage. This germ keeps sucking the internal systems and sometimes hitting it hard directly sparks fission reaction... Read More..