Interview: Women Power

June 2023

People Movement

Current Topic

Invest time in self -development

Investing in self-development is more crucial than ever in today’s competitive world. By developing your skills and knowledge, you can improve your chances of success in your career and personal life. I firmly believe that individuals who actively engage in self-development activities enhance...

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FROM THE Editor'S Desk

Act with maturity

As organisations continue to grow on diversity and inclusion front and when people work together and spend more than one third time of their day at workplaces, things like affection, attraction, flirt, relationship, love and romance between the two may happen and it can’t be termed as...

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Hire for Skills

In unprecedented times of business where complexitly and ambiguity are the order of the day, talent management and keeping people glued with the organisation is the biggest challenge for HR and business leaders. The process starts from hiring. Time is changed so the quiet transition in hiring is...

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