Cover Story - Culture of Excellence

Expose, Establish and Encourage

HR is the custodian of the excellence culture. HR has a job to ensure that everyone understands the business, customer expectations, organization expectations, their respective roles and how they contribute. HR must clarify doubts, help managers set performance standards and neutralize micro cultures. Read More..


A matter of collective mindset

Building a culture of excellence starts and end with the human minds. Once the idea is instilled in the mind and periodic reinforcements are incorporated to encourage compatible behaviour in line with the vision, a culture of excellence would start to develop. Read More..


Article of the Month - June 2018

Special Article

What are your Values?

Our value system governs our thinking, influence our attitude, and motivate our actions. They decide the right or wrong of a choice and they determine our image as a person who is right or wrong, trustworthy, or untrustworthy. Read More..


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