Cover Story - Employer Branding

A tool to stay distinct

An employer brand is a complex concept based on various intangible factors, including perception, image versus identity and the ability to differentiate between them. In a nutshell, an employer brand represents the degree to which the image of a company projects it as an employer of choice. Read More..


It is a multitasking challenge

In the past, employer branding has been synonymous with marketing and advertising, but at InMobi we have shifted it to a HR practice that looks into Employee Value Proposition, Unique Employee Advocacy, creating a common culture and sense of belonging. Read More..


Are you at the heart of the brand promise?

The traditional siloed approach to managing the attraction, engagement, and retention of talent is out of date and out of step with todays candidate and employee needs. More needs to be done by organizations to facilitate cross functional leadership of the employer branding function to ensure a more cohesive approach. Read More..

A continuous and ever-evolving ballgame

Employer brand is not about projecting the brand to current and potential employees. Real brand management is all about working with other functions, persuading skilled and powerful people to do things differently because, you, the brand manager, have the responsibility to deliver a coherent offer and rationale across the whole customer or employee experience. Read More..


Make employees your brand ambassadors

Employer branding is also about flaunting the employees positive experience & journey with the organization. The organizations should leverage the social media platforms to capture the employee testimonials to their advantage. After all, the employees are the most active and effective brand ambassadors who contribute to the organizations stable future. Read More..


Pick of the Month

Special Article

Factors of workplace empowerment

In the process of empowerment what really matters is the empowerment experience on the part of the individual job incumbent. Management practices are only one set of potentially empowering conditions, and because those practices may empower employees but will not necessarily do so the focus should... Read More..