April 2023

Layoffs: The HR Turmoil - April 2023

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Tips for a safe and healthy Ramadan

As the Ramadan season approaches, International SOS provides guidance for employees observing the holy month and shares advice for travellers on navigating the cultural sensitivities during the period. Ramadan, anticipated to begin from 22 March until 21 April, will see Muslims around the world...

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Have massive layoffs in tech firms in 2022 dented their credibility and stability?

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FROM THE Editor'S Desk

Look before you leap!

With job losses of nearly one lakh in last quarter of 2022 and first three months of 2023 in major tech giants globally, it is enough to scare and create a turmoil for HR Function. It is unpleasant, depressing and demoralizing for working people at large, spreading insecurity and creating a...

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Shift to real time process

The HR veterans of the country, in this this edition cover story, put forth interesting insights about the necessity of reworking on performance management system and rewards along with steps to address challenges and metrics those need to be taken care of while modifying the process.

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