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AI : The Game Changer for Future HR

To begin with, HR should look at AI for creating an intelligent workforce. AI has to be used to enhance people skills and provide data which would help in balanced analysis leading to good tactical and strategic decision making. Read More..


The Romance of HR & AI

Much like two people in love, building a life together, HR & technology work collectively to achieve goals & a common vision, they enhance outcomes by supporting each other & they do not interfere in each others areas of expertise. Read More..


Using AI to deliver value in HR

No amount of technology can ever replace the simple comfort and reassurance that comes from speaking to another human being who cares. In short, the goal of AI is not to replace who you are. It is to augment what you are capable of doing! Read More..


AI to create jobs of tomorrow

Even within the group of people who do not believe that AI will turn violent, many consider AI, with its potential to do repetitive or time - intensive work swiftly and accurately, a threat to the global job market. Read More..


INTERVIEW with KANKANA BAURA, Chief People Officer, Tally Solutions Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore

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