Cover Story - Corporate Governance & Board Diversity

Take voluntary steps to build investors confidence

Stakeholders are increasingly demanding more transparency, with deeper dives into the critical functioning of each board member by way of audits and independent directors. Such actions, as mandated by law, will only lead to more and more corporates are voluntarily welcoming women on their boards. Read More..


Time to re- write the contemporary style

The last two decades, business has seen rapid changes and in the next decade complete disruptions expected. Is it not time that drastic changes were brought about to corporate governance and there seems to be a need to re-write the contemporary rules that were laid out for governing the corporates? Read More..


HR Trends 2019 -

Special Article

Technology will influence People & workplace

Research has shown that the HR strategies of the past no longer cut it. Enhancing employee engagement and retention, improving mental health of employees while dealing with trust, issues employees may have with management etc., need clear communication & 100% transparency in words & actions by... Read More..


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