Keeping the dust under the carpet

Keeping the dust under the carpet
The post got many bad comments about the hospital administration nursing staff of ICU. The hospital brand gotdent as by the evening the post was trending on twitter and other social media platforms. It was also picked up by certain TV news channels.

It was not a good day for Bala, CHRO of this multi-specialty Hospital chain, (A Ltd. company which was also listed in stock exchange) when he noticed a very damaging post of a patient’s attendant to which he was also tagged along with many other medical and HR professionals of the country. The post was about total avoidance and highly insensitive behaviour of a duty doctor and nursing staff of ICU where the patient was shifted after getting major surgery which continued around 14 hours. The patient wrote how pathetic condition ICU staff created for him who did not listen and come to attend him even after repeated requests with folded hands as his body pain was becoming unbearable. Patient’s face was badly swollen. His request of calling his operating doctor or attendant was also rejected by ICU nursing staff on the ground that no one can be called in ICU unless doctor himself comes to see him. Patient was not provided any medical help/treatment during whole night rather he was thrashed when he requested to at least have some drop of water to get his lips...

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