According to industry estimates, the number of sleep apnea patients in the country could be somewhere between 40 million to 70 million. The nascent sleep therapy market in India was kick-started in 2008 when the $17-billion GE Healthcare brought to the Indian market continuous positive airway...

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Corporate lessons from covid-19

The pandemic will compel the business world to take a fresh look at how business was done pre- covid and bring required changes not in processes but also in approach. Inability to adapt to new order will certainly wipe out many from the scene. Our lives can change very quickly. The current crisis...

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Future of IT Applications Post Covid-19

Companies need to upgrade IT infrastructure adequately to cope with the emerging challenges in the new normal. They will have to share technologies. Work from home will be adopted as a norm by many companies. Post Covid -19, a lot of opportunities will open in the IT industry.

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Creating a post covid people strategy

Need for these capabilities will become foundational to experience creation, and the speed at which companies can – and, increasingly must – respond to them will become sources of competitive advantage. The global COVID-19 pandemic has fast become the biggest global event of our...

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