HR-IR Unison : A Treatise


The most redeeming part of this treatise is the freedom to express my gratitude to people who have blessed me with their intellect, charisma and sincere wishes so that my work gets completed. I am one of those who has a long list of people who have blessed me and have inspired me both personally and professionally all through my life.

I express my sincere gratitude to my research supervisor, Dr. Manju Nair, Principal, International School of Informatics and Management, Jaipur for her guidance, encouragement, and support. She was instrumental in crystallising the objectives of the research and structuring the content.

I am indebted to Dr. M K Sharma, Dean, Faculty of Commerce & Management, and Dr. Poonam Madan, Associate Professor and Head, Department of Management Studies, for their immense guidance and support. I am thankful to Dr. Kavaldeep Dixit for regularly keeping me abreast with the happenings at the University during the research period. My thanks are also due to Dr Seema Mehta who put me wise and proved to be trouble shooter whenever I got stuck up on nuances of research.

I have been very fortunate in getting the patronage of my present employers Shri Arvind Poddar, CMD and Shri Rajiv Poddar, Jt. Managing Director, BKT Tires, Mumbai. They have been perennial inspiration to me. They have always recognized and appreciated progressive people management practices.

I am grateful to my friends, most especially Dr. Tanjul Saxena who has been instrumental in motivating me to do my research as also bring out this treatise. In one of the rare examples of reverse mentoring, she has always questioned my work critically. During difficult times she has brought me back inspired to complete the work.

I would like to express very special thanks to my colleagues Sachin, Merlyn and Isha who provided me incessant support while working on the text, the data and preparing the final manuscript.

I find no words to thank my life partner, Neeta for her untiring motivation and a very strict monitoring of my work progress. I am very proud to have a son like Ashish who has shown keen interest in my work and has always sought clarifications on a serious note. My daughter, Radhika was very helpful in teaching me work on the laptop as also helped in data tabulation.

I owe thanks to my professional Gurus, Shri P R Surana, Shri R Subramanyam, Shri J N Amrolia, Shri P K Lal and Shri P N Dhoot who coached me with their knowledge and wisdom on IR, HR and Administration and enabled me climb the corporate ladder to respectable heights.



About the Book : Traditional controlled management of people could not deter the development dimension brought in by HRM… focus has shifted from collectivism to individualism. Businesses have matured and so have the people, unfair treatment is no more acceptable… organisational voids can be handled by creating dynamism, high degree of morale and satisfaction amongst the workforce… towards industrial peace for a long run.

Young professionals can apply principles, theories and practices of HR and combine their fancy and fear into a single philosophy.

This treatise attempts to trigger the development of an integrative, mutually complimentary approach to deal with people and their development in any organization.

About the Author : Viresh P Mathur is a PhD in Management with over 4 decades of background in HRM in the Commercial Vehicles, Energy, Steel, Electronics, FMCG & Tire Industry. He has passionately worked towards integration of IR with HR through culture driven transparent and progressive IR & HR policies.

Mr. Mathur has co-authored a book on HR Case Studies published in 1999. He also has to his credit papers and articles on HR published in Indian and International Journals. He is a Life Member of NIPM, ISTD and NHRDN.


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