Abrupt learning

Abrupt learning

Two observations pointed out in the buyer’s audit report has made Puneeta, VP HR of this multinational manufacturing facility engaging in heavy engineering products most uncomfortable. Both the observations were related to HR/ER Compliance. One was about not having certified standing orders of the establishment thus making noncompliance and other was about least knowledge of shop floor managers about HR policies and employee related rules thus creating a gap in understanding true picture and communicating the same to the employees.

The facility is around six-year-old in the newly developed industrial area in the outskirts of the state capital. The company has also two other plants. Corporate office was situated in of the other plants. Puneeta was reporting to Corporate President HR who was responsible for smooth Functioning of Plants HR functions.The facility has gained much in diversity and inclusion by employing physically disabled and women employees in good numbers.

Puneeta was asked by Corporate President HR to close both the observations of...

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