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Terms and Conditions for use of this Website Business Manager

These terms and conditions for using this website www.businessmanager.in apply whenever you access the site, on whatever device. By using the site you are deemed to have accepted these terms and conditions. If you do not want to agree to the following terms and conditions, pl. opt out and don’t use the site.

  1. The all contents/articles in whatever form i.e. text in any format, graphics, logos, buttons, images, photos, audio/video uploaded on the website and software are the property of Business manager and the copy right vests in BM or the authors of the articles as the case may be. It is protected by all relevant Indian and international copy right laws. No intellectual property or other rights in and to the website or any of the material on this website are transferred to users.
  2. A all material on this website and the whole or any part of any matter/article/contents contained on or downloaded from this website may not be modified, distributed, republished, reproduced or retrieved in any electronic system or uploaded for commercial use or commercially exploited in any manner without the prior written consent of Business manager.
  3. Unauthorised attempts to upload any information or change the information or using contents of the site in a way that damages the reputation of Business manager or causes defamation is strictly prohibited and is subject to punishment under current relevant Law.
  4. There may be several products or services available on the website. It may include subscription to magazine, participation to event/ training programs or conferences, advertisement in the Business manager magazine or any other packaged service offered to concerned persons. It is deemed that who so ever either existing or new user buys and/or avail any of the services on the website, does at website after reading all concerned documents/terms and conditions and agreeing to buy/avail. There are no refunds or subscription or any other service, once the activity o n the site is established after the purchase of that service or product. However, in case of any substantial default from the Business manager in providing concerned service or product, the complaint will be entertained and will be resolved effectively.
  5. The site may have advertisements of other products/services. Business manager does not assume any responsibility in respect of quality/authenticity/credibility /monetary value/pricing of their products/services. Users are advised to use their own discretion. In no way Business manager endorses that product or services and not be held liable for any such loss or damage caused to any user in this respect.
  6. Business manager may enable users to post comments, reviews, their own posts, articles. If user post any such content on the website, it is posted with the consent and agreement that Business manager and its affiliates have a non exclusive, royalty free, perpetual irrevocable and fully sub licensable right to use, modify, correct,edit,adopt, republish, translate and reproduce, distribute and display in any form in any media platform/format.
  7. The business manager site is a platform provided by Business manager to management professionals to share their thoughts and disseminate the knowledge among community. With your original intellectual property right on such contents, you also grant Business manager an unrestricted worldwide license to publish that content on the website. Users are advised to be dignified, polite, civic, and decent while posting views/posts/contents.
  8. The language of the post/article/content should not be offending nor should be aimed to cause/spread hatred among various caste/community/religion/etc.
  9. The contents /posts/views/articles should not be defamatory directly or indirectly.Pl. Do not use offending language /comments about any other people or organizations.
  10. You are not supposed to post promo material or publicize product/services of your company on the website through posts/contents/articles.
  11. In case of any concern pl. contact info@businessmanager.in

These Terms & Conditions may vary from time to time, so please check them regularly.

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