Performance issues at Jaipur Engineering Limited

Performance issues at Jaipur Engineering Limited
This department of the company consists of a director of marketing under whom seven regional marketing managers work. The company also has a senior export marketing manager who looks after getting orders from export markets.

Jaipur Engineering Limited was started in 1984 with a focus on pharmaceutical machinery manufacturing. It is a sole proprietorship company under the umbrella of a large textile machinery manufacturing company. It is an ISO-9001 company with the state-of-the-art infrastructure and manufacturing machinery for pharmaceutical products and the allied accessories. The company started with an annual turnover between Rs. 5 and 10 crores in the first decade of its existence. Its sales have reached Rs. 45 crores per annum in 2013. The company has a total of 400 employees on its staff of which 190 are skilled workers and the remaining are supervisory and managerial personnel. The skilled workers are trained for manufacturing precision engineering machines and components. They have superior technical knowledge and also keep a regular check on the new developments in the industry. The company has a well-staffed R&D department with a staff of 8 people, who constantly innovate or re-design the company’s products. Out of 45 crores of the total sales of the company almost 50% of the...

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Dr. Archan Mehta

is an Assistant Professor at L.J. Institute of Management Studies (MBA department), L.J. University, Ahmedabad (Gujarat).

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