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We continue to expect the unexpected

Agility and flexibility remain key for HR organisations to meet their current and future challenges. It is a great time to carefully review our assumptions and plans for organisation culture, the orientation of leadership, the impact of firm structure, and the manner by which we approach managing...

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Keeping HR Relevant and Stay ahead

As changes happen, HR professionals must ensure that the current culture and values resonate with the employees and the mission-vision. If it no longer does, they can implement new programs to reshape the culture and boost employee morale.

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Time for Upskilling HR

HR will be looked as the Real Business Process Leader who will be very approachable, be the voice of the employees, think to work on their mental wellbeing, keep them motivated and engaged by even modifying the Company's Vision, Mission & Values, Policies & SOP's.

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May 2024

Managing Talent - May 2024

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