Attracting & Retaining Talent in B2B Enterprises

Attracting & Retaining Talent in B2B Enterprises
Retention, after all, is about building trust and showing candidates that working for your organisation is fulfilling.

While talent retention strategies can be mostly similar across industries – be it via culture, rewards, incentives and such else – B2B companies have an opportunity to look at it differently, or customize in a manner that’s more aligned to a business-centric ecosystem, as opposed to the consumer space.

B2B businesses inherently require business-to-business connect and communication, which, when compared to business-to-consumer communications, is vastly different. For example, salespersons in a B2C space are required to deal with a variety of customer-types – from home makers to teenagers – while a B2B salesperson instead engages with senior management and decision-maker audiences at prospective client brands. This presents unique opportunities, as well as challenges that are critical to consider when looking at hiring and retention strategies at B2B enterprises.

In running a digital marketing & advertising agency, I can safely define my experience as entirely B2B-oriented. On one hand, our business is 100% B2B-focused where we...

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