Roles segregation is key to reduce conflicts

Roles segregation is key to reduce conflicts
With PGI being family-owned educational group, the assumptions maintained by top leadership are that they not only have the power to decide the strategic but even operational issues and concerns for PGI. The domination and control in management functions by the Chairman, his wife and son- in-law are witnessed by the very fact that no Directors were able to complete their tenure.

1. When we speak about organisational culture, I feel it works as the DNA of every other system or function within the organisation. Experts have conceptualised culture as values in terms of ‘what we prefer, hold dear, or desire’. We have to agree that culture of the organisation is created, sustained and transformed by the organisation’s top leadership and critical decision-makers. Schein (2004), discussed manifestations of organisational culture is at following three levels: first, cultural artefacts may be visible structures and processes, dress, observable rituals and ceremonies; second, espoused beliefs and values are consciously developed formal organisational practices such as strategies, goals and policies, and informal practices like implicit norms; and third, underlying assumptions are unconscious thoughts, beliefs, expectations and theories.

When we are looking at the organisational culture, we generally look from a perspective which involves answers to certain questions such as: What is Progressive group of Institutions (PGI)? How does one...

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