Author - Tanjul Saxena

Management & Education Consultant at META AIDE


The primary attention will be directed towards psychological health of people, rekindling faith and optimism, keeping morales high for making up losses by motivating people to compensate for the lost productive days.

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It is time to be genuinely humble and serious about Make in India, Buy in India, and Spend in India. Practicing these in action can be our small thank you to what the governance has been able to achieve for a country as mammoth and diverse like India.

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Mitul should switch to her desired career

Discuss and analyse the perception of Mitul and her work place beliefs? Beliefs are result of both perception and experiences and what is presented in the case does point out, conspicuously, that Mitul’s workplace beliefs specially about Diversity and Inclusion were not unfounded. In a short...

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Omkar should respect employees sentiment

As of now the cues indicate that the lessor is imposing its terms and conditions in addition to their brand arrogance and Omkar's hotel is obligated and awed by the bigger brand. An equanimity negotiation of terms for mutual benefit needs to be worked out before committing to any arrangement.

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June 2024

Work Culture: Decode & Drive - June 2024

People Movement

Case Analysis

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