To keep Learners Engaged, Develop Digital Literacy

To keep Learners Engaged, Develop Digital Literacy
If organisations fail to upgrade with changing technology, then it will adversely impact learning experience of employees. Even if organisations fail to create digital literacy, it will lead to disengagement of learners.

Do you think a quiet transformation is taking place in the L&D function? If yes what are those developments and how should their importance be understood?

SK Yes, these days a great transformation is happening in the L&D space. Technology has become an integral part of learning post-pandemic. People are more inclined to have a digital learning infrastructure that allows for an immersive learning experience at their convenience. This experience can be developed through soft skill sessions, microlearning, and remote learning via LMS platforms based on the competency-based frameworks of organisations. Over the last decade, the startup industry has evolved significantly, and given the space in which they operate, employees need to be skilled in-house accordingly to smoothly handle changing business requirements. To address this need, the L&D function has transformed with the advancement of technology, creating ease of learning for people. Nowadays, learning journey-based interventions are introduced rather than conducting training...

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Sandip Kadam

currently is working as Associate Director -L&D with REA India ( , and With 16 years of blended experience in sales & sales training in Insurance & Real Estate Industry, he manages Training interventions for all sets of employees.

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