Future of the L&D Function is Dynamic and Evolving

Future of the L&D Function is Dynamic and Evolving
When we integrate L&D into organisation and talent processes, we give purpose to the function, we make it relevant, and we make it count.

Do you think a quiet transformation is taking place in the L&D function? If yes what are those developments and how should their importance be understood?

MS In the last couple of years, I have taught myself several new skills like making digital marketing collaterals, and content creation using a variety of tools like Adobe, photoshop, leapfrog, in-shots, Canva, and BIGVU. Amidst the humongous amount of content available online Challenge sometimes is where to begin and how to know what’s most needed for you and your workforce to be future-ready.

Here are coupled trends driving this transformation that can help us make these decisions :

1. Continuous learning culture : Adaptability and learn ability are key. How do you inspire your workforce to upgrade? This involves cross-training, rotations on the job, and new roles. AI and Gen AI have disrupted the ways of working in L&D. When Yuval Noah Harari wrote Sapiens, he mentioned that any skill or knowledge that we learn in college has a shelf life...

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Mridula Sankhyayan

is a CXO leadership coach and an international facilitator for range of leadership development and holistic wellbeing programs. She has previously held positions of CLO at prestigious organizations such as Goldman Sachs, Flipkart, Lehman Brothers, and Nomura and CEO of Global Talent Track.

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