Introducing Technology in HRM for effective Transformation

Introducing Technology in HRM for effective Transformation
Technology brings skills, knowledge, process, technique, and tools together for solving problems of human beings, making their life secure and easier.

In an industrial environment, business always look for more production & higher profits. Staying at top is also getting tougher and more challenging due to the fast growing and changing digital technologies for market leaders. With the evolvement of Industry 5.0, technology and innovation are now integral parts of all the functions in the Industries. It is a new production model where the focus lies on the interaction between humans and machines. Both are finding ways to work together to improve means and efficiency of businesses. In short, it is providing new ways to take away boredom, duplicate and error prone human efforts. The world of technology, mass customization, and advanced manufacturing is experiencing a rapid transformation in HR function also.

Role of technology in HRM

Needless to say, that automation and technology impacted HR functions with the span of time and essentially employees need to be skilled to provide value-added tasks in production regularly. A strong necessity to increase productivity while not removing workers from...

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Shailesh Goyal

General Manager, Bhatia Group, Kota

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Shailesh Goyal

General Manager, Bhatia Group, Kota

November 2023

HR- The change catalyst

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