Mass- Customisation Approach is Required

Mass- Customisation Approach is Required
To be effective, the talent strategy has to be in sync with the organisational strategy and the culture of the organisation.

What shift do you see today in the talent management landscape regarding attracting, recruiting, and retaining talent in organisations?

KC Today Talent Management cannot be done with a “one-size fits all” approach. It has to be customized for different sections of employees in the organisation. The approach that is needed for Talent Management is that of “mass-customization”, that is, customize for several segments of employees with different aspirations co-existing within the same organisation. The reason is that today’s workforce, by default, is highly diversified. First, in almost all organisations today one has employees from 4 generations who are all working shoulder to shoulder at the same place but with very different aspirations and approaches to work-life. You would have employees from the “baby-boomer” generation (those born before 1965 but continue to work due to higher life expectancy & better health conditions as compared to earlier decades), you have the Gen X’s (those born...

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Kinjal Choudhary

currently is Global President - Human Resources at Cadila Pharmaceuticals . He has 28 years of experience in all aspects of Human Capital across some of the leading MNCs as well as Indian companies in FMCG, ITES, e-Commerce, Automobile, Fintech and Pharmaceuticals industries.

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