Beware of unmindful digitalization for Contract Labours

Beware of unmindful digitalization for Contract Labours
"Contractor Workers punch their attendance through biometric and the same is approved by section in-charge based on which salary will be processed. Noted instances where attendance of Contract Labour is not approved by the section in-charge but the salary is processed for the same"

To have greater control over the system of attendance of Contract Labour Companies now a day’s resort to digitalization whereby the Contractor employee mark their attendance on biometric device installed by the company. Companies who have installed biometric device has not limited it for attendance capturing of contract labour but most often it is found that the attendance of the Contract labour get ratified by the officer of the company, their leave is tracked by the device wherein the officers of the company approves such leave and many other such facilities wherein officers of the company are the approvers. At present no company can ever think of not to digitalize the process of attendance but it has its own pitfall as far as the Contract Labour are concerned. In their over zealousness to plug the loopholes, and have greater control in the attendance monitoring system of Contract labour, the Companies very often devise a process and system, without proper application of mind, and without knowing the law which in turn can lead to sham contract. Once the contract is...

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Deepanjan Dey

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