Relentless passion for excellence

Relentless passion for excellence - Shalini Warrier
All India CA topper of 1989, Shalini Warrier with nearly 3 decades of banking experience, is Executive director and Business Head - Retail of Federal Bank with primary responsibility to drive the Retail Banking agenda of the Bank forward covering responsibility over the Bank's Digital Banking agenda and FinTech partnerships. She is also a Certified Associate of Indian Institute of Bankers. She brings first-hand global experience in Branch Banking, Process Management, Service Quality and Client Experience, Project Management, Operations, Technology, and Compliance with special emphasis on Client Due Diligence and Anti Money Laundering. She is also in the Board of Ageas Federal Life Insurance Company Limited.

Mam, from winning the first position in one of the toughest exams that’s of Institute of Chartered Accountants India in 1989 to leading a multinational banking profile and becoming the Executive Director of Federal Bank, what has been the inspiration and success mantra? Any day did you feel that all was easy due to your extra ordinary calibre or there were moments of tough challenges too?

SW I think each person has to find his/her mantra. There are no silver bullets in this regard. I can only provide some inputs on what works for me. I believe in the maxim that leaders are made, not born. The attributes that I hold dear to my heart can be summarized as :

  • Relentless passion for excellence in execution.
  • Huge amount of empathy and ability to relate to team members and colleagues (note – sympathy is not what I am referring to).
  • A natural affinity for collaboration and working across teams and across boundaries.
  • A high sense of responsibility, which really...

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Shalini Warrier

Executive Director and Business Head - Retail of Federal Bank

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Shalini Warrier

Executive Director and Business Head - Retail of Federal Bank

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