“Quiet” to Buzzing: Role of strategic people centrality in the Future of Organisations

"Quiet" to Buzzing: Role of strategic people centrality in the Future of Organisations - Shrirang Ramdas Chaudhary
Both internal mobilities as a strategic HR solution and a learning organisation as the solution of agile change require basic alignment of individual and organisational values.

From Quiet Quitting to Quiet Hiring, employee engagement trends have seen the keen efforts of managers to bring strategic people centrality to their organisations. Although Quiet Hiring emerges as a repercussion of global economic downsizing, it also provides opportunities to mitigate the challenges of quiet quitting. These movements extended organisational development (OD) concepts such as internal mobility, learning organisations, shared leadership, organisation knowledge management, and succession to testify in real-time at workplaces.

Quiet Quitting!

While companies figured out the challenges faced by employees, which triggered the great resignation, quiet quitting came with further nuances. USA and China both saw their version of this movement. The quiet quitting trend got viral from social media in March 2022 after Brian Creely, an employment influencer, wrote about ‘coasting’ at work in an Insider article. Its roots trace back to 2021’s tang ping (flat-lying) movement in China. Tang Ping movement started as a knockback on...

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Shrirang Ramdas Chaudhary

is Ph.D. Research Scholar, School of Management and Labor Studies, Tata Institute of Social Science, Mumbai.

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