Flexible working hours for factories in Karnataka introduced

Flexible working hours for factories in Karnataka introduced - Govindaraju NS
The amendments to section 65 will provide the limit of quarterly overtime hours to 144 hours instead of the current 75 hours and the condition of consent from workers for overtime work is specifically added.

Before getting into the Karnataka Amendments, let us understand the working hours for factories in India as per Factories Act 1948. Chapter VI of the Factories Act is an important chapter under the Factories Act 1948 which regulates the working hours for adults. Section 51 to 66 specifies conditions and regulates the working hours and overtime work. The current working hours and restrictions under the factories Act 1948 can be summarised below :-

  • Daily working hours cannot be more than 9 hours, and weekly cannot exceed 48 hours. There shall be a rest interval at least for every 5 hours.
  • The first day of the week should be a weekly holiday. The employer has the possibility to alter this weekly off on any occasion provided the worker is allowed a whole day within 3 days prior or within 3 days after the original weekly off day. Notice to the inspector and display in the notice board in this regard is necessary. In addition, the employer shall ensure that the worker does not end up with continuous work for more than 10 consecutive days without a...

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