Better late than never

Better late than never

While Mohit was looking after marketing/advertising, Tejinder was steering the sales of products of this unit. Both were on same wave length when it comes to prefer packaging over product quality. During slow down, the products team brought innovative ideas to start production of masks, sanitizers and sanitary pads. Within no time they were able to develop the cost efficient products and introduced in the markets. With attractive packaging in competition with other brands, Mohit and Tejinder could bring back the life to the organisation. All the three products fetched bumper sales. Both firmly believed that packaging was the best marketing strategy that could be used to glamorize a product and attract the attention of large customer base.

Mohit and Tejinder were close to one of the trustees who were having ultimate control over the affairs of the manufacturing facility. This made the bonding stronger between Trustees and both Mohit and Tejinder got further free hand to manage the affairs of the unit

However, product manager Anant waglekar and HR manager Rohitash...

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