When culture abducts recognition

When culture abducts recognition
When culture abducts recognition

Raman asked self that whether his value system under which he was born and brought up was wrong and not relevant in present day life?

When Raman started this morning from home for office, he decided firmly that today was going to be his last day in the company. He would go and resign. Yesterday he could not sleep whole the night after coming from a function organized by company. It was about rewarding the performers and recognizing the talented people. To his surprise he was nowhere in the list.

Eight years back Raman joined the company when there were only 35 people. Company was engaged in civil construction business known as civil contractors. Raman was B Tech in Civil engineering with MBA from reputed institute. His friends circle was very influential being their fathers and relatives either businessmen or Senior Govt. Officers. Because of his innocence, honesty and commitment towards maintaining relationship beyond self he was liked by all. Some of his friends went into their fathers business while some...

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