The ExCo Group Announces Appointment of Rajesh Padmanabhan as Managing Director of India Operations

Rajesh Padmanabhan

With over 3 decades of pioneering work globally in diverse functions such as Business P&L, HR, Corporate Strategy, Consulting, Technology, Banking and Start-up Entrepreneurship, Rajesh is now overseeing Hono’s global expansion, accelerating growth. To bring, to deepen the domain. and helping the company with product specialization and organizational building.

Rajesh Padmanabhan at the forefront of HONO’s board of director’s promises quick change,” said Mukul Jaini, CEO of HONO. “His experience is profound, and his learning is multi-functional and multi-disciplinary, involving human resources and global business. It will valuable As HONO we grow and pursue our vision of transforming human resource with technology, business impact and innovation. ,

The prefect figure for a ‘People Platform’, Rajesh’s work is characterized by an emphasis on business with a people focus. He is a recipient of the United Nations Award for Exemplary Work in Diversity and Inclusive Practices in one of his executive roles. Obviously, a global business transformer, he has managed various cross-cultural teams North America, Latin America, Europe, Africa, Middle East, Southeast Asia and APAC. a double master in human Resource University of Finance and Finance MumbaiKeeping it in good condition.

Rajesh’s career has had a rough start which includes Handling Systems on Mainframe, a role as Corporate Banker, Management of P&L, Corporate Strategy, Institutionalization of SMEs (Small & Medium Enterprises), SAP Functional, Business Consulting and Global HR Including empowering business. This is a remarkable work-travel, indicating a strong foothold in administering the convergence between the technologies of business and people.

For HONO, which prides itself on its ability to scale up and tailor its platform solutions for diverse industry segments, Rajesh’s experience with industries comprising a diverse group of banking, manufacturing, hospitality and consumer, IT services, consulting and Almost perfect. alignment.

Commenting on this, Georgie Antony the director, Southeast Asia, HONO said, “We believe we are on the verge of a major leap forward with Rajesh, who has everything you need to navigate the new Millennial Business-People Matrix. His multi-dimensional expertise reflects HONO Be it organizational excellence, leadership building, talent designing, award management or all-round human resource operations, we are confident that Rajesh will guide and lead the radical and innovative transformation at HONO.

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