Need for committing both to a shared relationship goal

Need for committing both to a shared relationship goal
The chairman was also right in ensuring that he was designated as Professor & Advisor of Corporate Relations. The chairman felt that he will be an additional resource & help to Karan. Together they would form a partnership that will help in ensuring 100% placements for the students passing out from the institute. However, that was wishful thinking.

1. The work culture of the institute seems to be that of a family-managed one wherein they, as in the promoters from the family need to have a say in every matter or decision that is to be taken despite directors being appointed to manage daily routine operations. Also, it seems that formally or informally, all the staff members have to report to the Chairman or his Wife as them being owners of the institute. So it’s not a professionally managed & established organisation, the culture is not akin to global corporate culture. I wouldn’t be surprised if micromanagement & culture of control is prevalent here. The fact that the Chairman’s Wife could pull up Karan one fine day for students in front of the students for them not being in classrooms and Karan passing on the blame to Gopal shows that reporting hierarchies and accountabilities are not properly defined. No wonder there is over interference too and attrition at Director Level, the truth being that none completed their tenure in the last six years and left services in between as they would have found...

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