Jet Freight appoints Ashish Nagpurkar as Chief Human Resource Officer

Jet Freight appoints People Strategist Ashish Nagpurkar as Chief Human Resource

Jet Freight, one of India’s leading freight forwarders appoints Mr. Ashish Nagpurkar as its Chief Human Resource Officer (CHRO) effective 22nd March 2022. Mr. Ashish will be responsible for complementing its global people culture and workplace strategies at Jet Freight Logistics Ltd. Mr. Ashish brings over 24 years of comprehensive experience in business and people management. Out of this, he has 14 years of experience in Core HR spanning across, HR Strategy, performance management, HR operations, HR ERP system implementation, organizational change management, talent management, succession planning, learning & development, employee engagement, and 10 years in business domain with exposure to strategy management, planning & marketing information system, business process consulting, and business process reengineering.

Jet Freight is regarded as one of India’s top three freight forwarders, with operations in Dubai and the Netherlands managing international businesses. Jet Freight has over ten regional offices around the country and keeps expanding its logistic endeavors for exceptional last-mile delivery solutions while also providing smooth and environmentally responsible deliveries to its clients. Jet Freight is a technologically advanced company on its way to being a top choice for freight forwarding and logistics distribution services for its clients.

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According to Richard TheknathChairman and Managing Director, Jet Freight, “We are happy to have Mr. Ashish on board with Jet Freight as our Chief Human Resource Officer and his expertise will help channelize in building an employee-focused company. Jet Freight believes in having a strong value-added strategy that is centered on improving and enhancing productivity and effectiveness with a high emphasis on employee satisfaction. Given his vast experience in building workplace strategies and people management, we are excited about his impact in bringing the right talent mix to build the right team for achieving our people-focused goals. Our diverse and engaging workforce is the perfect space for Ashish to leverage his expertise in building an excellence-driven workforce and implement his innovative people-centric strategies. We extend our warm welcome to Mr. Ashish as he joins the Jet Freight family and wishes him all the very best as our CHRO.”

Jet Freight intends to build a very people-centered workplace environment and Mr. Ashish will be key to influencing this transformation. Mr. Ashish is an accomplished and inspiring leader whose passion for creating a global workforce model has helped him gain industry repute. Mr. Ashish will additionally be responsible for identifying key leadership talent and pioneering employee engagement initiatives while creating an inclusive people culture.

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