Employee reward strategy has to be unique and flexible

Employee reward strategy has to be unique and flexible - LS Murthy
HR and business leaders have an enormous responsibility to be innovative and adopt agile mechanisms to positively and promptly reward employees as it's the critically transforming time to embrace recognition process change.

How do you see the performance and rewards systems landscape across organisations at present?

LS A strategic and employee recognition initiative is now widely recognized as an essential tool to engage, motivate, and appreciate employees. Rewards and recognition for passionate contributions and job performance including significant milestones and accomplishments are great investments for companies of every size, whether a start-up or a well-established organisation, motivating the employees to become the best engaged and growth partners.

All the performance recognition and rewards processes focus on successful engagement plans for continued success in the near and long term. Resetting rewards have double-edge results sustaining motivational levels is key in enhancing current performance levels and model of assessment criteria changes. Employees are key stakeholders in the formation and development of the organisation’s human and social capital and are a key source of knowledge and business success. It has been proved that the...

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LS Murthy

is Strategy & Leadership Consultant; Executive and Leadership Coach. With three decades of accomplished professional experience, He is a Ph.D. Research Scholar, Alumni IIMK, ICF-PCCCOO & CHRO and Held key leadership roles in the IT Industry and former Zensarian/RPG group & Tandons Group Head HR & GDH.

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