Direction over speed

Direction over speed

At times in business, speed can become our focus; pressure to produce results rapidly may seem intense, but remembering “direction is more important than speed” should always remain top of mind. It equally applies to organisations.

  • Organizational strategy: Organizations are required to make strategic decisions which will shape their future. While it’s tempting for companies to launch new products or enter new markets quickly, without a clearly defined strategic direction, they may struggle to achieve success. Companies that are solely focused on speed can make impulsive decisions that may compromise their long-term goals. Leaders can create a culture that encourages thoughtful decision-making by focusing on direction.

Speed is important, but it must always be in line with a clear direction.

  • Employee Satisfaction and Engagement: Job satisfaction drops when employees feel pressured and rushed to meet unrealistic goals. Prioritizing direction and speed over the other allow employees to maintain a manageable work pace. This reduces stress and burnout. This allows employees to understand the larger picture and how their work contributes towards the overall success of the organization. This sense of purpose is a powerful way to boost employee satisfaction and engagement.
  • Customer Relationships – In their quest to quickly acquire new clients, many organizations neglect the importance nurturing existing relationships. Prioritizing customer loyalty and retention should be more important than chasing only new sales.

The role of leaders:

Leaders are crucial in creating a culture that values direction over speed. Here are some ways they can set an example:

  • Set an Example: Leaders must embody the principles for thoughtful decision-making and strategic planning. They should also focus on the vision of the future. Employees are more likely follow their leaders’ lead when they see them prioritizing the direction of the company.
  • Communicate the Vision: Leaders need to communicate the vision of the organization clearly and consistently. Employees who understand the direction of the organization can make decisions in line with its vision.
  • Leaders must implement metrics and key performance indicators to monitor progress towards organizational goals. Leaders can make informed decisions by regularly reviewing these metrics.

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“Direction over speed” should be a mantra for organizations and employees. Speed is important, but it must always be in line with a clear direction.

Let’s be leaders and remember that our pursuit of excellence is not only about getting there fast, but also about making sure we are headed in the right directions. Leaders are key in driving this culture shift and leading their organization to greater heights.

Remember that success isn’t just about getting there fast; it’s also about making sure that we are moving in the right direction at every stage.

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Amit Ranjan

General Manager People & Culture at Vaalve Bathware India Limited

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Amit Ranjan

General Manager People & Culture at Vaalve Bathware India Limited

April 2024

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