D&I program should impact employees life positively

D&I program should impact employees life positively

1. Work place beliefs of Mitul are guided by her experiences, what she observes happening in the organisation in front of her eyes. That may not necessarily hold true at all times in all organisations. Each organisation is unique driven by its own sets of values, vision, mission and other guiding principles. And 7 years of work experience & 3 organisations is too little or early in stages of one’s career to develop fixed & limiting work place beliefs, as to this is the only way things will work in all organisations throughout one’s tenure. Organisational maturity takes time to develop & it can only happen when you work for a long time in an organisation and gain experience and not necessarily by switching jobs. Ultimately it’s all up to the individual’s thought process, the way he or she perceives an organisation. Mitul’s beliefs are more on the theoretical side which is not surprising given that she was initially inclined towards academics however choose to experiment working in a corporate environment to...

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Mihir Gosalia

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April 2024

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