Mitul should switch to her desired career

Mitul should switch to her desired career

Discuss and analyse the perception of Mitul and her work place beliefs?

Beliefs are result of both perception and experiences and what is presented in the case does point out, conspicuously, that Mitul’s workplace beliefs specially about Diversity and Inclusion were not unfounded. In a short span of seven years experiencing at least halfa dozen incidences of being short changed, just because of a biological characteristic-gender-is enough to legitimise and generalise ill-feelings towards work place practices. The first female employee to be hired in the manufacturing department, being paid less compared to lesser competent male colleague, being overlooked for confirmation after probation, getting transferred to a remote location perceived as punishment posting, being given special treatment on special days, being excluded from meetings, and a lesser intelligent male classmate enjoying a fast pace career graph-the problem is writ large on the horizon, only that the calligraphy is more legible...

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February 2024

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