Banks must focus on drivers of business outcomes

Banks must focus on drivers of business outcomes
The need for an integrated transformation, particularly in areas of culture, talent, and HR area is long over-due. Coincidently, such a transformation will not only alleviate many of the legacy challenges, but will also prepare PSBs towards the emerging future of banking, which is likely to be based on technologies (digitalization) and talent.

The theme of your post retirement work is on transforming Indian Banking. Most Bankers Focus on operational stuff like rising NPAs, recapitalisation issues and many other operational issues like interest rates, retail portfolio, but you seem to doggedly pursue a different kind of narrative. Could you elaborate about your take on the Banking industry?

AK You are very right. It is not that I am not concerned about operational issues. I headed two public sector banks and am quite conversant about various issues. The point is that everyone knows about the problems and issues in Banking and daily newspapers are full of them. I believe that reforms and transformation alone can turn around the Banking sector. Instead of focussing too much on business outcomes, we need to focus on drivers of business outcomes. In VUCA (Volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity) environment, we need to strengthen the drivers of business which are technology, people, leadership, culture and governance...

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Dr. Anil Khandelwal

Former Chairman and Managing Director at Bank of Baroda & Dena Bank, Mumbai

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