Understand the complexities of human behaviour at workplace

Understand the complexities of human behaviour at workplace
Gone is the era where incumbent use to talk about take home salaries, with increasingly global business environment people are looking forward for holistic pay packages that involves compensation, benefits and wok life effectiveness.
With entering into 2018, employers are bound to face challenges and obstacles when it comes to hiring and retaining talent. India’s overwhelmingly young workforce has resulted in a demographic dividend for the fast – growing nation. This is also creating new challenges for HR every year. Over the next 12 months HR professionals will have to find solutions to these obstacles and ways to evolve and adapt to keep the business steady. From new laws and regulations to demographic trends, technological changes and cultural shifts, employers are compelled to review their workplace policies and procedures in a meaningful way and defined periods. The biggest challenge for any HR professional in the near future will centre how they leverage the evolving world of technology and countless systems designed to improve efficiency and productivity, without losing sight of the humanity that enables people to thrive in their role.
The media/radio industry is no new to these challenges; in fact the rate at which the industry is...

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Rahul Namjoshi

Business Head at MY FM., Noida

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