Author - Anil Tyagi

currently is the Vice President - Human Resources with the Kusum Group of Companies. He has worked across several verticals in Human Resources with leading brands like Intas and Cadila. Having three decades of experience including Indian Air Force and professionally MBA qualified from IGNOU& law from Pune University Anil has excellent track record as HR leader for Indian MNCs.

Making the Most of Talent in the Gig Economy

The desire that today’s workforce has to take full control over their work schedules has led to a new reality of the job market: the gig economy. In the gig economy, employers contract freelancers to complete certain jobs as opposed to hiring full-time employees. Emerging technologies have...

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Keeping HR Relevant and Stay ahead

As changes happen, HR professionals must ensure that the current culture and values resonate with the employees and the mission-vision. If it no longer does, they can implement new programs to reshape the culture and boost employee morale.

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February 2024

People Movement

Case Analysis

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