Future of HR

Future is where Human Meets Digital

Top HR priorities for 2023 Workplace transformation is a reality today, where organisations are embracing the ‘New Normal’ by stopping to resist what lies ahead and scrutinizing existing systems, processes, and practices. We have moved away from our fascination with ‘what’s...

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The CHRO is likely to be an orchestrator

How do you visualize the future of HR in Indian as well as global context? BR There are a lot of uncertainties going into 2023, and more variables may get added to the mix as we go forward. So certain prediction is not a good idea. As per Bob Johansen, the futurist “the future will reward...

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QuantHR is the future

Share your visualisation on the future of HR as a function. RP HR will shape itself to become a business transformation function. They will be lean in mass and will compose of core specialists. They will be culture shapers, capability builders, contribution enablers and credibility hubs. It will be...

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Need to become more flexible

How do you visualize the future of HR in Indian as well as global context? AT The Future of HR, especially in the Indian context has tremendous scope to contribute to Nation Building and hence will require to improve agility and inclusiveness. In the global context HR will need to become more...

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December 2023

Managers of Tomorrow - Dec. 2023

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