Need to become more flexible

Need to become more flexible

How do you visualize the future of HR in Indian as well as global context?

AT The Future of HR, especially in the Indian context has tremendous scope to contribute to Nation Building and hence will require to improve agility and inclusiveness. In the global context HR will need to become more flexible and more importantly down to earth with the ability to smell the sweat of the roots of the country in which they operate.

What would be the role of CHRO in changing work world in future?

AT Empathetic Enabler to be precise with specific focus on uplifting the bottom of the workforce and society at large.

How HR should align and contribute towards business as growth catalyst?

AT Enhanced ability to identify failures faster and take corrective steps ahead of the competition.

As digitalization is taking place at fast pace in every people process, what danger you see at people front for HR function and where it fits in itself in this...

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A Thirunavukkarasu

is a C Suite HR Professional and Ex-President (HR) of Vedanta Resources, Mumbai, JKO-New Delhi and Cadila-Ahmedabad. He is a certified Coach and a trained Independent Director.

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