Trident appoints Pooja B Luthra as Group CHRO

Pooja B Luthra

Pooja B Luthra has appointed Trident, a home textiles, terry towel and wheat straw based paper manufacturing, chemicals and power company as Group CHRO. Prior to this appointment Pooja B Luthra was with Founder & CEO, Humane Insights for about 1.5 years.

I founded Humane InsightsTM with a vision to bring global learning closer home. Humane InsightsTM is not just your turnkey leadership consulting firm- We transform home grown organizations into talent magnets with one underlying principle: Being Humane! The value you get is global expertise and extended networks that deliver ROI by:

• Attracting & hiring your next CXOs and top leaders

• Aligning them to your vision using a Strengths based approach

• Setting up your organization’s performance development strategy using the OKR framework & identifying next in line successors

• Equipping leaders to drive a culture of high engagement

• Driving a strategy of Diversity and Inclusivity

She has also worked with Mrs. Bectors Food Specialities Ltd., Gallup, Chicago School of Professional Psychology and Max New York Like Insurance.

Her career has transcended geographical boundaries where she has had the opportunity to drive key people strategy in organisations across countries.

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