Article (November-2020)


Leadership needs to strengthen & reinforce the Vision Quotient

S.Y. Siddiqui

Designation : -   Chief Mentor

Organization : -  Maruti Suzuki India Ltd., Gurgaon


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What kind of specific traits and mindsets are required to lead businesses during the crisis?

SY Most important & critical leadership trait will be to keep calm and avoid reactive approach or decisions. Need for clear & consistent communication with focus on listening leadership trait to set direction, guide on way forward & create assurance. Opportunity sensing mind set will greatly help lead the way during crisis.

What resources and leadership differentiating actions fuel the change process in such abnormal environments?

SY Distributed Leadership strategy will be the most effective way of handling such crisis. Part of the new normal, Transformational Leadership with creation of a "Shared Goal" will be the need of the hour. Leading change or embracing change pro-actively can be well achieved through decentralised & empowered teams.

Post pandemic, how is the organization learning culture expected to evolve and how will it accelerate our way out of crisis?

SY Transformational Leadership & Change will involve work culture interventions aimed at developing a new mind set, behaviour & skills part of the new normal. Therefore, de-learning and 
selectively deleting the past then re-learning will be essential pre-requisite. New work culture interventions can be driven by young talent in the company as change champions.

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