CredAvenue appoints Abhishek Mehrotra as its Chief Human Resources Officer

Abhishek Mehrotra

India’s largest debt markets platform, CredAvenue, today announced the appointment of Abhishek Mehrotra as Chief Human Resource Officer. Abhishek joins CredAvenue from Bytedance. In his current role, Abhishek will be responsible for leading the CredAvenue human resource function, thereby bolstering CredAvenue’s people-culture while cultivating an innovative, growth-driven environment.

Abhishek has over two decades of experience in human resources, including establishing and improving HR and organisational structures at leading tech, start-up, and telecom companies. He has enabled employee success in high-end R&D, complex managed services, and social media domains across Western and Eastern work cultures with organisations such as IBM, Nokia, Huawei, and Bytedance.

In his last leadership assignment with Bytedance, he scaled the people management function at TikTok in the SEA markets while also guiding the India team through challenging times.

Gaurav Kumar, Founder and CEO, CredAvenue, said, “For us, this is a mission-critical role. Our business is all about people. Hence, we have prioritised HR as one of the most critical and core business functions since our initial days of building a people-centred, best-in-class culture. We are passionate about creating a caring, collaborative, and shared work atmosphere that results in happier employees. While we have been cultivating a diverse, agile, transparent, and enthusiastic work culture, we need to have an HR leader with nuanced understanding and a proven track record of leading our people initiatives to the next phase.

Abhishek will channelise our collective goals and individual capabilities by bringing the best global HR practices and innovations to keep CredAvenue a people-first organisation. Through his broad experience, Abhishek will guide us to create a culture where each individual will thrive. Our people are our most valuable asset.”

Abhishek Mehrotra, CHRO, CredAvenue said, “CredAvenue is one of the rare start-ups that has followed the people-first philosophy from inception, and that was very evident in the founder’s thinking from the very first time we interacted. I’m looking forward to building the people organisation of tomorrow and introducing unique practices in learning and development, mental wellness, diversity and inclusion, and upskilling initiatives for enhancing the overall employee experience. I’m excited to join CredAvenue and build on the team’s foundation.”

CredAvenue plans to increase its headcount from 400 to 700 people in the coming fiscal year. It is hiring talent from various tech and management areas at all levels, including freshers, mid-level, and senior-level positions.

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