Article (June-2021)


Coach Should Widen the Thinking and Perspective

J.P. Singh

Designation : -   Leadership Coach & CEO

Organization : -  JPS Consulting, New Delhi


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Does Coaching really work in organisations and help transform the business?

JP Coaching is one of the effective ways to help people and organisations in their developmental/transformational journeys. The primary reason for any process/idea to work is acceptability and ownership (Performance = Idea X Acceptance). If acceptance is low, performance goes down, even with a great idea/thought. Coaching helps in this as it goes through the stages of reflection, introspection, awareness, realization, awakening, internalization and hence motivated action. The metamorphic shifts are hence deeper and longer term. While it may not be the only factor that contributes to results in a multivariate system with several degrees of freedom, it sure is an effective process to align of them towards optimal outcomes. When in doubt, coach it out!!

What are the coaching skills a coach should have?

JP While there are various 'skills/qualities' that are enlisted by different bodies/organisations, they may not be mutually exclusive or collectively exhaustive. What is important is 'Being Coach' and we may essentially look at and build on the following elements :

1. Self Awareness, Inner Strength, Transcending self; an integration of thinking, feeling and action.

2. Loving Presence, Intuitiveness and Mindfulness (deep listening and awareness); listening beyond words.

3. Positive and pure thoughts, words, feelings and actions at all times; allow a harmonious and smooth flow of thoughts a positive energy field.

4. Neutrality to allow the client to feel blameless and faultless; to maintain detachment and sakshi bhav. Simply put yourself into observation mode.

5. Create an "enjoyable" experience for the Client.  It is like a Graceful Rhythmic 'Tango' Dance between the coach and coachee.

6. Expect no outcome or reward; place ego in the back garden, to create a trusting environment.

7. Understand and demonstrate ethics in daily coaching business.

Is coaching required to be redefined in changed business environment? If so, what factors should be taken into consideration?

JP Coaching, in its present form, evolved more than two and a half decades back in the west. It is very rational and logical in its texture and approach. Over this period, the world has become highly VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous) and the present pandemic has intensified the need for a holistic approach. Eastern thinking of a balance of masculine and feminine, yin and yang is very important in this new scenario. Shades of grey and a qualitative approach to situations are called for rather than a black and white quantitative approach. Things don't progress in a linear way, but in very non-linear patterns/paths. This needs to be recognised and we need to also understand that the old mathematical/financial ROI calculations of coaching outcomes, sought by many organisations may not be valid and in fact, too narrow in scope. A systems and holistic approach with time, space and causation needs to evolve. Since ancient times Rajgurus have guided & counselled rulers. Rama's guru was Vasishtha & Krishna's guru was Sandipani. Shivaji gave patronage to Samarth Ramdass. Krishna was a coach/mentor to Arjun. We need to learn from Eastern cultures. Another thing that needs to change or evolve, is the widening the thinking and perspective of coaches. Continuous drilling of a few techniques, over the years, adequately covered in one certification programme, limits the capacity of a coach in the current dynamic environment. There is a need for coaches to look beyond just questioning and listening competencies and to widen the horizons to include multiple fields and disciplines. Inability to do this, can severely limit coaching effectiveness in the future world. As with any product life cycle sigmoid curve, there is a need to evolve and build/ride on a new sigmoid curve ….. Selective/creative destruction and birth ….. Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh in action!!

How to establish a coaching culture in an organisation?

JP Any culture to be formed/evolved needs an engagement, or rather energising of the team with a shared purpose/meaning. It needs to start at the top, sincerely and honestly and percolate down and across to all members of the organisation in terms of visibility of practice and skills. Organisations can 'skill' their people and create nodes or 'coaching nuclei' from where it spreads, percolates and permeates all dimensions of the organisation with infectious enthusiasm. It is important to create a 'pull' rather than 'push', very much in line with what coaching itself promises to bring ….. A Graceful Rhythmic 'Tango' Dance; a harmonious and smooth flow of thoughts and energy in a positive energy field.

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