Article (November-2020)


Who will heal you?

Himanshu R Naik

Designation : -   IR & HR Consultant

Organization : -  Secundrabad, Telangana


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It was 29th June 2020, around 9.30 PM, Rajan called me & at once he told me in a chocked voice Sir, "I lost my job today". He was working as Dy. General Manager - HR with a Public Limited Company. He was feeling very humiliated of being asked to resign by the company. He was more worried about the timing of the Management's action & very remote possibility of getting a new job in the current situation of the market, seriously affected byCovid-19. At personal level, he has a lot of financial commitments including burden of paying a hefty amount of EMI for his home and car loan every month.

I know Rajan personally. He has worked under me for 3 years at the beginning of his career. As I remember, he is a very energetic, inquisitive and committed employee. He was always rated excellent in performance assessment process because of his excellent work performance. On the other hand, he has a biggest shortcoming that he is a prodigal guy in money matter &many time, spends carelessly. I still remember, one year back, he purchased a very expensive sedan car on bank loan, despite his wife, Nitu's advice to go for a hatchback family car to comfortably bear the pressure of home loan EMI.

Rajan was completely shattered as he had lost all hopes of getting a job when all most all industries are in process of undertaking cost cutting measures. His wife, Nitu told me that Rajan was keeping himself isolated at home from others. His family members were very much worried by expecting any kind of extreme act by Rajan due to his mental agony, he was undergoing. He was asking Nitu always, "why me, despite consistent excellent performance &Why God is so rude to me".

However, because of all cares of Nitu, other family members & friends, after almost one month, Rajan is gradually gaining confidence and is coming back to the normalcy of his life. He has also started exploring various alternatives of his livelihood including attending interviews in various companies.

There must be many like Rajan, who might have fallen prey to the cost cutting measures of their companies during the covid-19 effect and might have lost their jobs in last 2-3 months. They may be undergoing a lot of mental stress like Rajan.

Himanshu R Naik - IR & HR Consultant, Secundrabad, Telangana

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