UFlex Applauds Women #BreakingTheBarrier at its Global Plants

UFlex Applauds Women #BreakingTheBarrier at its Global Plants

After a successful run of India series of its special social media campaign showcasing women trailblazers who are BreakingTheBarrier, India’s Largest Multinational Flexible Packaging & Solution Company, UFlex is out with its global edition that celebrates the achievements and abilities of the company’s women around the globe with a series called #BreakingTheBarrierGlobally. 

UFlex recognizes the exceptional women who have made an indelible mark with outstanding accomplishments within its global workforce.  These inspirational women have opened the gates for more women to view the traditionally male-dominated packaging industry as a successful career route.  The organisation is delighted to give a perspective of these women’s inspiring journey, and how they succeeded and rose to occupy leading and significant roles in their organization.  With this series, UFlex hopes to motivate more women to view the sector as a potential career option, attract more female candidature and introduce even more women into their fold.

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Talking about the global series, Chandan Chattaraj, President– Human Resources (India & Global) at UFlex Ltd. said, “Packaging, has suffered from a lack of gender diversity for many years, largely due to reasons of the nature of work involved and lack of right women talent. However at UFlex, we’ve seen first-hand the value of the contribution the women employees bring to the workforce and organisation at various levels. These women have climbed the ladder of success with their spirit, aptitude and hard work. Although, we believe in recognising the value an employee brings, irrespective of their gender, when appreciation is applied to women, that recognition becomes an even more powerful force for equality, one of the critical purposes to achieve through this series.”

“With the earlier series showcasing our domestic women talent, we have been receiving staggering feedback from employees as well as more interest from women candidates for roles that were often considered to be the province of men. With the global leg, we hope to encourage more women across the world to consider the packaging industry as a career of choice which can bring them great success, similar to their male counterparts. When faced with challenges, having a diversity of voices can bring innovative solutions. The series also gives us a platform to highlight the ethnic diversity we bring in with our talent we acquire in each of our operating country.” Chandan Chattaraj continued.

Sharing few power packed stories of inspiring women at UFlex situated across various plants.

Joanna Dzwoniarska, Assistant Manager of Production (Poland)

Joanna Dzwoniarska, Assistant Manager of Production (Poland)Joanna completed her Masters in Poznań and joined Flex Films Poland plant in 2013.  As Assistant Manager of Production, she is responsible for planning and slitting operations at the plant. She is also in charge of manpower and steers production quality decisions, material data analysis, and training at the shop floor and drives overall communication with other departments of purchase, maintenance, marketing etc. From initially joining in a challenging male-dominated shop-floor area in operations, Joanna has paved her way gracefully to become an iconic only-woman production manager of her team and earned everyone’s respect. She has become an inspiration for many.  Under her watch, there is no room for errors in day-to-day operations and she makes sure that every task is completed with perfection.


Samar Khattab, Export Sales Executive (Egypt)

Samar Khattab, Export Sales Executive (Egypt)Her glorious journey of seven years has helped shape Samar Khattab into a successful Export Sales Executive at UFlex.  Samar believes women should work towards changing society’s perceptions of them by changing how they perceive themselves first.  At UFlex, Samar has an exceptionally dynamic role as she traverses through challenging situations to ensure a healthy business flow.  She is an advocate of “there is an opportunity in every crisis”. She goes the extra mile to ensure robust operational support & CRM channels that effectively stimulate potential leads. She mentors her team and co-workers to be astute and adaptable and considers them family as they work together through diverse situations.  She is constantly learning and updating herself as is keen to learn and explore the packaging sector


Monika Bartha, HR Leader (Hungary)

Monika Bartha, HR Leader (Hungary)Monika Bartha brings to Flex Films over 20 years of experience working as a Human Resource professional in the manufacturing sector.  She has traversed through challenges of recruitment and retention while interacting with employees from several nationalities and cultures thus successfully bridging the gap between Indian and Hungarian culture.  Her rich experience provides her with a worldly wisdom which ensures a win-win solution for all. Monika’s unique perspectives help transform the organization into an aspirational brand for future candidates seeking employment in flexible packaging.



Franlia Gimenez, Preformed Line Products (PLP) Technician at R&D Centre (USA)

Franlia Gimenez, Preformed Line Products (PLP) Technician at R&D Centre (USA)Franlia Gimenez moved from Venezuela to America and joined Flex Films USA in 2014 to pursue her interest in technology and material science. After having worked in various forms of slitter machine ranging from Metallizer, Secondary and Primary slitter, she is now leveraging her expertise in Industrial Engineering to develop different methods for testing various grades of packaging material as a Preformed Line Products (PLP) Technician in the R&D Centre. Despite the demanding journey to start a life away from home, she was determined to see this through. Her colleagues see her as an astute team-mate who is hard at work 24×7 wearing a ‘never give up attitude’. Through her experiences, Franlia hopes to show everyone that limitations only exist in our minds, and once we move past that, there is no limit to what we can achieve.

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