Pointers for building consensus

Pointers for building consensus
The most powerful forces in the universe are invisible, like gravity and radiation. If you are not looking for and working towards uncovering influence, you will struggle to win a consensus. Your client doesn't know who is deciding

There is no decision maker

In days long past, one was instructed to find “the authority”, that individual invested with the power to bind their organisation to a deal. It was believed, and was often true, that this high-level executive, if properly pursued, was all that was necessary to win a deal. The person at the top of the organisational chart would force his will on the rest of the organisation, over any protestations to the contrary.

This person, “the authority” no longer exists. Instead, there are “decision-makers”, each of whom is invested with some power-and some amount of influence-when it comes to any decision to change.

Leaders are rarely willing to force their decision on the people in their charge, believing that they hired smart people to make decisions and execute those decisions. These leaders now know that without the support of the people in their charge, execution will be...

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