Implementing change through Appreciative Inquiry

Implementing change through Appreciative Inquiry
Breaking the hierarchical norms of concentrating the decision-making power at the top, AI aims at the collaborative inquiry and ensuring address to everyone's opinion.

In a nutshell, Appreciative Inquiry is a change agent; it works as a catalyst to bring change in an organization. Appreciative inquiry is a revolutionary element in the process of organizational change. It is a successor of the problem-solving approach which directs the focus on personal transformation and not on structure or processes.

The premise on which appreciative inquiry work is that “we move and change in the direction we inquire”. Appreciative inquiry is rated as high as it can bring positive change, innovation, and sustainable design to the organization imparting minimal disturbance to the core business.

How it is different from the problem-solving approach

While the latter focuses more on going to the root cause, the former one is more concerned with appreciating what’s going well. Blaming and division is a common feature of the problem-solving approach on the other hand collaboration and ownership...

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