Humility and Conscience in HR

Humility and Conscience in HR
An open-door policy shows employees that you care what they think while enabling them to give their input and play an active role in your company.

Leaders must listen and empower their team to become leaders themselves and take ownership of their work. Even if you’ve always been a wholehearted person, being the leader of a project will change how you exercise your authority.

The best results come when employees feel like their responsibility is toward their teammates is more than their own pride. The best way to gain employee loyalty is by showing your staff that they have your trust. I firmly believe this issue comes down to communication. Sometimes all it takes is sitting down with an employee and having an honest conversation where you ask them what actually motivates them in their life. Motivated employees are most likely to get the best out of your workforce.

Many organizations don’t actually do a good job at communicating, and that is a problem in the first place. Turn it back on yourself for a second. Hold yourself accountable for knowing what your employees want in life. As a leader, it’s your job...

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