The HR and its realm : In the line of fire

The HR and its realm : In the line of fire
All Line managers must know how to assess people using tools developed for these. A large number must get trained in understanding competency frameworks, Behavioural Event Interviews Assessments.
In the present business environment, how important is to have HR skills for non HR managers in an organization?

PS All managers work with people, and are essentially HR managers. And they also have line responsibilities. You look around at most CXOs and CEOs. They are where they are essentially due to their people skills. So, as a fraternity, we must challenge this notion of HR vs non-HR. We have to create organizations with talent fungibility.

Organizations are networks of inter-dependent people. Whether to produce or to sell or to develop financial strategies, we need to work with multiple stakeholders and balance multiple interests. People skills are the enabler.

Many of us join as individual contributors. While you may not have a team reporting to us, we do need to work with peers, our manager(s) and external stakeholders. All of these take people skills. As we grow into...

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Prashant Sharma

President - Group Manufacturing and Operations at Zydus Cadila (Cadila Healthcare Ltd.), Ahmedabad

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