Corporate lessons from covid-19

The pandemic will compel the business world to take a fresh look at how business was done pre- covid and bring required changes not in processes but also in approach. Inability to adapt to new order will certainly wipe out many from the scene.

Our lives can change very quickly. The current crisis situation is the best evidence of this fact!

There are huge efforts being made across the world to contain COVID-19.. Even once we overcome the immediate crisis & crawl back to business as usual, it will leave a long tail of implications for businesses to manage. Crises of any form are rarely isolated and contained – they tend to unfold in unpredictable peaks and troughs – and that’s why COVID-19 should focus the minds of business leaders across the globe.

Managing crisis is a fact of business life. It’s not a matter of whether a crisis will hit, but when – and whether a business survives intact is directly related to how well it is...

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