Managing employee performance and productivity in remote working

Managing employee performance and productivity in remote working
Goals are no longer set in stone for the entire year; they will become agile as conditions change. Annual or half-yearly performance dialogues will now be replaced by ongoing performance conversations and timely recognition. The frequency of feedback is key to engaging remote workers.

The COVID-19 pandemic has thrown performance management systems around the world, in different kinds of organisations, into chaos. Some companies have reacted by assessing everyone’s performance at the same level, while some have gone as far as abolishing goals for the year. Companies took time to adapt to the new ways of working. Technology became a great enabler to collaborate effectively and efficiently. It also provided leaders with new ways to track and measure performance, especially for teams that had heavy dependence on machinery or on-site equipment to deliver results. As months progressed, some companies started demonstrating success in the new ways of working. Organisations that adopted agile goals, ongoing feedback, flexible metrics, and incentives were able to re-orient their performance management systems and continue to stay productive while working remotely.

Multiple research studies have shown that for most remote workers increased productivity came at a cost of fatigue and burnout. As time...

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