Creating a post covid people strategy

Need for these capabilities will become foundational to experience creation, and the speed at which companies can – and, increasingly must – respond to them will become sources of competitive advantage.

The global COVID-19 pandemic has fast become the biggest global event of our lifetimes. Our experiences?as customers, employees, citizens, humans?are forever changed, and our attitudes and behaviors are changing as a result.

Today, many of us are focused on the here and now. Our health and that of our family, friends and colleagues; the ability to access the food and supplies we need; our job security; the financial impact on our employers, clients and partners.

Prior to the crisis, Industry 4.0 was an area of great interest to many organisations which were meticulously working on planning for the future. It was an exciting topic with huge potential benefits and was widely regarded as a ‘positive’ and future, forward thinking topic.

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